Posted by: Fred | July 23, 2020

Avatar Select & Give HUD

General Description

The Avatar Select and Give (ASG) HUD provides a convenient way for venue managers, hosts or hostesses to quickly select an avatar, then select and give that avatar a notecard, landmark, or object from the HUD inventory. It also has options to select a Second Life Group and send the avatar a link to join it, or subscribe the avatar to a Subscriber Kiosk (sold separately). In addition, the selected avatar can be sent a website link. Also, pre-configured chat messages can be said or shouted on the public chat channel. The owner can select from any number of avatars, notecards, landmarks, objects, Groups, Subscriber Kiosks, website links or public chat message using pop-up dialog box menus.

WARNING: Spamming is against the Second Life Terms of Service (TOS). This HUD may not be used for spamming.

HUD Setup

The only setup required is putting your desired parameters on !ASG Config notecard. Comment lines (beginning with //) on the notecard explain the purpose and format of each parameter.

If you want to be able to subscribe avatars to your Subscriber Kiosk, you will need to drop the Subscriber SecurityCode script into the Master Kiosk(s) to get the SecurityCode(s) for the kiosk(s) that will go onto the !ASG Config notecard.


Wear the HUD. It defaults to the center HUD position on your screen but you can change its size, location and HUD attachment point if you prefer. Sending something to an avatar is a two step process.

First touch the Avatar Select button on the HUD and select the target avatar from the pop-up menu. If there are more than 9 avatars in the monitored area, you will see a Next-> and/or <-Prev button on the menu to allow paging. Each avatar has a number. Use the corresponding number button to select the avatar. The selected avatar’s name will appear above the Avatar Select button in green text.

To select an avatar who is not currently in the monitored area, select the menu button named “Name or Key”. Enter the user name (not display name) or the key (uuid) of the avatar you want to select. The selected avatar’s name will appear above the Avatar Select button in white text if they are online.

Once an avatar is selected, you can touch any of the other buttons on the HUD, then select the item from the pop-up menu to be given to the selected avatar. The avatar will remain selected until you select another avatar. Also the avatar selected (if green) will be removed if you try to give them an item but they have left the monitored area, or about a minute after they leave the monitored area if you don’t try to give them anything. To remove the avatar selection and re-read the config notecard, click the small power button in the upper left of the HUD.

To say or shout a pre-configured message on the public channel, click the “Public Chat Say” or “Public Chat Shout” button. You don’t need to select an avatar first. If an avatar is already select, it will be deselected. All avatars within the selected chat range (say = 20 meters, shout = 100 meters) will see the chat via the public channel.

To minimize the size of the HUD, click the “Minimize” button. To maximize a HUD that has been minimized, click the “Select Avatar” button.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Avatar Select & Give HUD from my in-world store at or from the SL Marketplace at

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