Posted by: Fred | August 3, 2020

Discount Sale Vendor

General Description

The Subscriber Kiosk (SK) Discount Sale Vendor provides the following main functions:

  • Sells a single or groups of inventory items contained in folders.
  • Option to join and/or offer a discount to members of your Subscriber Kiosk or your Second Life (SL) Group.
  • Option to specify 4 different prices: Non-sale non-member, non-sale member, sale non-member and sale member.
  • Option to preset single or multiple sale dates/times and offer special sale discounts.
  • Automatically changes textures during sale and non-sale periods.
  • Includes a DSV HUD that acts like a Remote Control for changing the sale dates/times on groups of vendors.

Customers who are current Subscriber Kiosk and/or SL Group members are offered the member price. Others are offered the non-member price. In order to prevent people from subscribing just to get the member price then unsubscribing, you can specify the number of days someone has to have been a kiosk subscriber before being offered the member price. The number of prior days option is not available for SL Groups.

The pre-programmed sale feature is extremely flexible. It allows you to pre-program any number of sale dates/times in advance, as well as the inventory items, folder name, prices, textures, and other parameters associated with each sale period. Each sale period’s parameters are specified on a separate Subscriber DSV Config notecard. There is no limit to number of config notecards and associated sale periods. Each config notecard is loaded sequentially at the end of the previous sale period. Additional features include the following:

  • Can be use with or without a Subscriber Kiosk.
  • Specify a sale period that repeats indefinitely after a specified number of days.
  • Specify whether the vendor will or will not sell during non-sale periods.
  • If the vendor is set to not sell during non-sale periods, clicking it will show when the next sale will start if applicable.
  • Customizable welcome dialog text displayed in pop-up box with selection buttons.
  • Send or not send transaction IMs.
  • Send or not send transaction emails.
  • Specify up to 10 avatar splits.
  • Specify folder names in which inventory items are delivered (defaults to vendor object name).
  • Specify the time zone for the sale start/end date/time parameters (UTC or SLT).
  • Free gift items can by given by setting the corresponding price to zero.
  • Non-members can be prevented from buying by setting the non-member price to 1000000 (1 million) or greater. Non-member price shows as “Not Allowed”.
  • Set hover text off, on only when not idle, or always on.
  • Change the sale date/time using a remote control HUD on up to 11 groups of vendors (no limit to the number of vendors in a vendor group).

The SK Discount Sale Vendor is mod/copy/no-transfer. Scripts are no-mod/copy/no-transfer.

Where to buy

You can purchase the Discount Sale Vendor from my in-world store at or from the SL Marketplace at

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