Posted by: Fred | August 3, 2020

Send Timer Remote Control HUD

General Description

The Send Timer Remote Control HUD enables you to send a “Send Now” command to a Send Timer from anywhere on the grid. This is an added convenience for performers, mangers and hosts/hostesses that want to initiate sending from a Send Timer without being in the same sim. The Send Timer will accept commands from HUDs owned by anyone on the Send Timer’s AdminList in addition to the Send Timer’s owner. Multiple Send Timers can be controlled from one Send Timer Remote Control HUD. This is especially useful if you have a group of Send Timers pre-configured for different artists or venues.

NOTE: The Send Timer Remote Control HUD will only work with Send Timer version 1.4 (or later). If you have an earlier version Send Timer, rez and touch the SK Product Updater [Send Timer] that was included in the original delivery box to get the free Send Timer update.


There are two HUD styles included. One is for controlling a single Send Timer and the other is for controlling multiple Send Timers. The HUD objects are modifiable so you can easily customize them to your application. Set up your HUD as follows:

  1. If you own both this HUD and the associated Send Timer(s), skip ahead to step 3. Otherwise proceed to step 2.
  2. Rez the HUD on the ground or floor. Right-click the HUD and select “Edit” from the pie menu. Paste the key (uuid) of the owner of the associated Send Timer(s) into the HUD’s Description field on the General tab of the Edit window. This is NOT necessary if you own both the HUD and the associated Send Timer(s). Take the HUD back into inventory. NOTE: If you are not the owner of the Send Timer, make sure its owner has added you to its AdminList.
  3. Right-click the HUD in inventory and select Add or Wear. The HUD will appear near the top of your screen. You can adjust the position and size of the HUD by right-clicking it and selecting Edit from the pie menu. Adjust the position by dragging the vertical and horizontal arrows. Adjust the size by holding down the Shift and Ctrl keys while dragging the corner gray boxes. The adjusted HUD position and size will be remembered when you detach and wear/add it again.
  4. With the Edit window open, checkmark “Edit linked” near the top, then select a “Send Now” button. Paste the name of the Send Timer associated with that button into its Description Field. Repeat for all additional “Send Now” buttons. Do NOT change the name of the “Send Now” button.


While wearing the HUD, touch the desired “Send Now” button. If the command is accepted by the Send Timer, you will get a confirming message. If it is not accepted you will get a message indicating the reason. You must pre-configure the Send Timer to be ready for the Send Now command just the same as if you were selecting it directly from the Send Timer’s menu.

CAUTION: Please make sure not to remotely start a Send Now operation at a time when you think the associated Send Timer and kiosk are already busy sending. The HUD will not get an indication of when the send operations have completed, however selecting a “Send Now” button before the associated Send Timer has completed sending will result in a busy – try later message. In some unusual cases, this may interrupt normal operation of the Send Timer, requiring it to be reset which cannot be done remotely.

In the upper right corner of the HUD you will see buttons named Help (?), Minimize (v) and Detach (X), from left to right respectively. When the HUD is minimized, the Minimize button is replaced with a button named Maximize (^). The minimize/maximize feature is especially useful if you have configured the HUD to control multiple Send Timers.

Touching the Help (?) button will deliver the first notecard in the HUD’s Contents to the HUD owner. If there are no notecards in the Contents, the Help button will have no effect.

Touching the Detach (X) button will detach the HUD.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Send Timer Remote Control HUD from my in-world store at or from the SL Marketplace at

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