Posted by: Fred | August 3, 2020

SK Remote Control HUD

General Description

The SK Remote Control HUD enables Subscriber Kiosk owners to remotely initiate sending from their Master Kiosk from any location grid wide. The HUD is simple to set up and operate.

NOTE: This HUD will only work with Master Kiosk Release 18 (and later). Older Master Kiosks can be easily updated for free using the kiosk’s Update button.


You must paste the name of your Master Kiosk (case sensitive) into the description field of the HUD as follows:

  1. Right-click the Master Kiosk and select “Edit” from the pie menu.
  2. On the General tab of the Edit window, highlight and copy (CTRL-C) the name of the Master Kiosk.
  3. You must rez the HUD on the floor or ground. You will not be able to change the description field while the HUD is in inventory. Changes made while wearing the HUD will revert to its previous setting when detached.
  4. Right-click the HUD and select “Edit” from the pie menu.
  5. On the General tab of the Edit window, highlight the contents of the description field and paste (CTRL-V) in the name of the Master Kiosk.
  6. Close the Edit window.
  7. Take the HUD into inventory.


  1. Locate the HUD in inventory, right-click it, and select Add or Wear to wear it.
  2. Adjust the location and/or size of the HUD as desired as follows:

2a. Right-click the worn HUD and select Edit from the pie menu.
2b. If desired, reposition the HUD by dragging the horizontal and vertical arrows.
2c. If desired, resize the HUD by holding down the CTRL and SHIFT keys while dragging the corner gray boxes.

  1. Preload the sendable item(s) and/or IMCard into your Master Kiosk. Do NOT put them in the HUD.
  2. When you are ready to send, left-click the Send Item(s), Send IM, or Send Both button on the HUD.
  3. The HUD will either confirm the kiosk is sending, or will give an error message.
  4. You can detach the HUD at any time by clicking on the red Detach button (X) in the upper right corner, or right-clicking it and selecting Detach from the pie menu, or right-clicking it in inventory and selecting Detach from Yourself from the drop down menu. The next time you add the HUD, it will remember that last location and size set in step 2 above.
  5. Clicking on the yellow Minimize button (v) will minimize the HUD in its current location on the screen. When the HUD is minimized, it will not show any Send buttons. To Maximize the HUD, click the yellow maximize button (^).
  6. Clicking on the blue help button (?) will give the owner the first notecard in the HUD (e.g. this notecard).

Where to Buy

You can purchase the SK Remote Control HUD from my in-world store at or from the SL Marketplace at

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