Posted by: Fred | August 3, 2020

Subscriber Kiosk Query

General Description

The Subscriber Kiosk Query device allows authorized users to have the following limited interactions with a Master Kiosk via the Query device pop-up menu:

Count: Shows the number of subscribers and the total subscriber capacity of the Master Kiosk
List: Lists the names of all subscribers in the Master Kiosk
Abort: Stop the listing of subscriber names.
Cancel: Closes the pop-up menu without action.


  1. Put the name of the associated Master Kiosk in the Description field of the Query device.
  2. Put the names of the authorized users on the notecard named “Authorized Users”. One name per line.
    NOTE: If you want to authorize all members of the same group as the Query device is set to, put the word GROUP on a notecard line.
    NOTE: if you want to authorize everyone to use the Query device, put the word EVERYONE on a notecard line.

NOTE: You can modify the Query device prim as you desire or you can copy the script and Authorized Users notecard to an object you create.


  1. The Master Kiosk and the Query device must have the same owner.
  2. The Master Kiosk and the Query device must be in the same sim (region).
  3. If you used the word GROUP on the “Authorized Users” notecard, you must set the Query device to the desired group. To do this, right click on the Query device, select Edit from pie, and select the General tab on the edit window. if the “Group” is not set to the desired group, click on the small wrench icon and select the desired group.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Query Device from my in-world store at or from the SL Marketplace at

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