Posted by: Fred | November 3, 2020

Managed Area Security System

General Description

The Managed Area Security System (MASS) enables land owner (or their administrators) to manage security for several different areas of their land, all from a central monitor. It is especially suitable where there are multiple tenants on the same parcel, e.g. sky boxes, etc., but it can be used whenever the land owner needs to have separate white lists (avatars who are allowed entry) for different areas of the same parcel. This avoids the need to buy and maintain separate security orbs for each area. The MASS includes a central monitor, a Land Relay (for use on group owned land), and a transferable tenant HUD. The monitor is copy, no-transfer. The Land Relay is transfer, no-copy because it is intended to be transferred to the group owning the land.

Most system-wide parameters are entered into the monitor via a Config notecard. The following parameters can be set via the Config notecard:

  • Tenant names and associated monitored areas (see note below).
  • Owner’s white list. Takes precedence over tenants’ white lists. Any avatars on this white list will be allowed to enter any area of the parcel(s).
  • Administrator list. List of avatars allowed to operate the system and edit certain parameters.
  • Scanned area. Can be set to scan only the current parcel or all parcels with the same owner in the region.
  • Scan rate. The interval at which scans are repeated.
  • UUID of avatar to receive parcel-wide intrusion alert IMs.
  • Warning time. Time that an intruder is given to leave the area before being ejected or teleported home.
  • Eject intruder method. AWAY boots them off the sim, HOME teleports them home.
  • Turn monitor status colors on/off. Yellow=initializing, gray=not scanning, white=scanning, green=processing scan, magenta=intruder detected, red=intruder ejected.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Managed Area Security System from my in-world store at or from the SL Marketplace at

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