Posted by: Fred | November 3, 2020

Networked Staff Paging System

General Description

The Networked Staff Paging System (NSPS) consists of a central server and any number remote devices (e.g. help buttons or visitor detectors) located anywhere grid wide. When a user touches a remote help button, or a new visitor is detected by a visitor detector, a message is sent to the server which, in turn, sends a notification IM (page) to staff members with information about the user or new visitor. The list of staff members is defined by a notecard in the server, so it is not necessary to change any remote objects to change the staff member list. The format and content of the IM sent to staff members are totally customizable by the server owner (see !NSPS Config notecard below), including clickable links that enable the staff members to respond quickly. This includes links to open the user’s profile, open an avatar-to-avatar IM session with the user, teleport to the remote object’s or new visitor’s location, open a world map showing the originating location, and/or open an IM session in the staff’s group to coordinate a response. You can also allow (or not allow) users to compose and send an IM to staff members.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Networked Staff Paging System from my in-world store at or from the SL Marketplace at

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