Posted by: Fred | November 3, 2020

Staff Availability Monitor & Notifier

General Description


The Staff Availability Monitor & Notifier (SAMN) combines the functions of an online/offline status monitor/notifier with a work schedule monitor and visitor detector. Rather than displaying just “Online” or “Offline”, it displays “Available”, “Not Available”, or “Offline”. In order to display “Available”, the monitored staff member must be both online and scheduled to be working. This avoids nuisance paging IM’s when the staff member may be online but is not on duty (not scheduled to work). The staff member’s work schedule can be entered/update via a notecard and changed via a dialog menu. The owner can also designate administrators who are allowed to update work schedules.

Users touch the SAMN to page the staff member. If the staff member is online and scheduled to work (Available), they are sent an IM with information about the user. Otherwise the user is sent a message advising the staff member is not available or not online, and no IM is sent to the staff member. The SAMN also includes an optional visitor detector in case you want new arriving visitors to automatically and silently notify the staff member if they are online and available. No messages are sent to the user from the visitor detector.

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Staff Availability Monitor & Notifier from my in-world store at or from the SL Marketplace at

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