Posted by: Fred | November 3, 2020

Teleporting HUD

General Description

The Teleporting HUD teleports users directly to any location grid wide with just one click on the associated picture (texture). This is a great HUD for shopping or hunt sponsors to give out so users can instantly teleport to their store or venue. Key features include the following:

* The HUD object is supplied full perm so the purchaser can apply their own textures for customized appearance.
* Displays 8 clickable textures at a time and up to 32 textures total.
* HUD can be minimized (hide), maximized (show), and resized by end user.
* HUD can give a “Help” notecard to the end user.
* Once configured, it can be transferred with copy and/or transfer next owner permissions (must be no-mod).
* Easy setup. Just drop in your textures and landmarks
* If end user declines teleport permission, they will be given the landmark instead.

NOTE: A no-mod, no-transfer demo HUD is included as an example. You can also get the demo from the marketplace or in-world store to try before you buy.

Permissions: The HUD object is full perm. The HUD script is no-mod, copy, transfer. The self-deleting license script is no-mod, no-transfer.


Purchasers of this HUD have a non-exclusive license to modify, sell and/or otherwise transfer it to others, provided the HUD object’s next owner permissions are set to no-modify. The script and/or the HUD object shall not be sold or otherwise transferred separately. The purchaser must install the non-transferable, self-deleting license script in the HUD in accordance with the instructions notecard.

Customizing the HUD

You can freely apply whatever textures and/or colors you want to any prim on the HUD to customize the look of it. You can move HUD buttons around and/or unlink and delete any buttons you don’t need. Don’t change the names of any prims except the root prim. Don’t change the quantity of texture prims (must be 8). Be sure to save your original HUD and any working customized versions along the way so you can backtrack if necessary if you break something. It happens!

Where to Buy

You can purchase the Teleporting HUD from my in-world store at or from the SL Marketplace at

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