This page contains documentation (PDF format) for Subscriber Kiosk 3.0 and its accessories, the Texturing HUD Kits, and the Multiple Product Affiliate System (MPAS) networked server/vendor.

General Product Information

SK Buyer’s Guides and Version List

Subscriber Kiosk 3.0

Subscriber Kiosk 3.0 Instruction Manual

Subscriber Kiosk Sensor Application Notes

Subscriber Kiosk 3.0 Accessories

Subscriber Kiosk SISBox Instruction Manual

Subscriber Kiosk Remote TC Kiosk Instructions

Subscriber Kiosk 3.0 API User Guide

API Kit Installation and Setup Instructions

Subscriber Purge Device – Application Notes

Subscriber Archive Controller – Application Notes

Subscriber Kiosk Affiliate Vendor Kit Instructions

Subscriber Online Sender (OLS) Application Notes

Subscriber Kiosk Embedded Inviter Instructions

Subscriber Send Timer Instructions

Subscriber Kiosk Timed Sale Vendor [SKTSV] Product Description and Instructions

Subscriber Kiosk (SK) Discount Vendor Instructions

Subscriber Kiosk (SK) Discount Sale Vendor Instructions

Subscriber Kiosk (SK) Gift Giver

Subscriber Kiosk (SK) DJ/Artist Remote Kiosk

SK Greeter Instructions

Mailbox Plus Instructions

Texturing HUD Kit

Texturing HUD Kit Instructions

Multiple Product Affiliate System (MPAS) Single Prim Networked Server/Vendor with TouchPoint Technology

MPAS 1.3 Application Notes

Teleporting Catalog HUD Making Kit

Teleporting Catalog HUD Making Kit Instructions

The Creative Publisher

The Creative Publisher Tutorial/Demo

The Creative Publisher Lite Tutorial/Demo

Networked Distribution System (NDS)

NDS Instruction Manual

Host / Hostess HUDs

Greeting Advisor and Greeting Advisor Plus HUD Instructions

Avatar Select and Give HUD Instructions

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