This is the customer support page. Please post your questions or comments here.  You can also send me your question, comments or suggestions via in-world IM to Fred Allandale.


  1. Will there ever be a way to monitor subscribers online? Like.. if we were to put in our individual numeric code or username, and see all of the people who have subscribed? That was the one really big perk that I loved about Subscribe-o-Matic, which I transitioned from just yesterday because I reached the breaking point with payments. I would love to have that online feature with Subscriber Kiosk at some point, if possible. Otherwise, keep up the great work! I’m getting used to the new system and so far, so good!

    ~Averie Larnia~

  2. Subscriber Kiosk was designed to be a totally in-world solution in order to avoid the need to charge a monthly fee for web site maintenance and data storage. The trade is that you give up the capability to do web-based inquiries. Having said that, I may at some point look into the feasibility of web integration, however it would be a rather large effort and might necessitate charging a monthly fee.

    To compensate for the lack of a web-based interface, I have tried to offer some features that are not available in other subscriber systems, such as the ability to add names manually (via chat or notecard list), send multiple inventory items, providing an API, etc. I can now also provide a semi-automatic way to import your subscriber list from Subscribe-O-Matic. Send me an IM in-world if you want more details on this.

    Thanks for the question and I hope you will find Subscriber Kiosk to be a convenient and cost effective tool.

    Best Regards,
    Fred Allandale

  3. Hi Fred,
    I have a couple questions regarding features/potential features:

    1. A huge selling point for me (Master Pro 3.0) was the API capability. Is there any means or are any scripters working on some of the best features that hippo has such as Marketplace auto-subscription when a customer buys, or something like hippovisit? These are incredibly useful, and I can’t see giving up hippovisit or hippogroup yet as they super-powerful in combination with hippogroups. Hippovisit is basically an invisible greeter which offers subscription either by sensor or collide. I’m sure I can connect a prim via API, but I just don’t know how 🙂 In the meantime, I will have to keep transferring customers into Master Pro via list to txt instructions.

    2. Will the API functionality allow for MySQL via PHP integration on each merchant’s own web site? For example, if I’m fine with having my own website which can hold a MySQL PHP database, I’m all good with hosting it myself, I would just need the API written to connect those two things.

    3. Are either of these available now?

    THANKS! :))

  4. Hi SOphie. Thanks for your comments and questions.

    1. There are two sensor based Greeters for sale at Night Sky that were developed by other scripters to work with Subscriber Kiosk via the API. If you visit my store at Night Sky, one of these will greet you and offer you the option to subscribe. I am also working on a simple vendor that can be used with a Subscriber Kiosk to offer new buyers an opportunity to subscribe and also offer existing subscribers discounts. Stay tuned.

    2. The API is intended primarily to allow you to develop LSL scripts that can communicate with a Subscriber Kiosk to do things such as add/remove subscribers, query whether an avatar is an existing subscriber, monitor when someone subscribes/unsubscribes, etc.. So you could write a separate script that uses the Subscriber Kiosk API commands and HTTPIn/HTTPOut LSL functions to connect a kiosk with an external website database. MySQL and PHP are not my areas of expertise but I am sure there are other folks out there that could develop those scripts for you.

    Best Regards,

  5. Hi. Can you please send me the instructions to be able to send a gift (that is NOT full perm on a notecard) to my subscriber list? Whatever I am doing, I am doing it incorrectly.

    Artie Jonstone

  6. Hi Artie:

    Make sure the name of the item you are sending does not start with an asterisk (*) or “subscriber”. Those names are reserved for specific purposes and are never sent from the kiosk to your list. If you are not the kiosk owner, but are an authorized administrator, the item must have copy and transfer next owner permissions. If you are the kiosk owner, the item can have any next owner permissions.

  7. Hi Fred,

    I was wondering if there is anything in the works for redelivery of an item for the MPAS Server/Vendor System as an add-on or if this already exists out there in SL-land somewhere?

  8. Hi Ellowyn:

    Sorry, there is not currently a redlivery terminal for the MPAS Server/Vendor System, nor are there plans to develop one. In order to implement a redelivery terminal, the vendor system would need to store a large history of customer purchases. MPAS is an in-world server/vendor system that does not utilize or depend upon any third party websites for storing sales information. Web based systems are always vulnerable to discontinuation in the future, web server outages, and/or require monthly fees to maintain. Once you purchase an MPAS Sever/Vendor system, there are no monthly fees and your sales transactions are securely emailed to you so only you have access to that data.

  9. Hey! I’m clicking on the “Send List” button on the master kiosk, but all I get in local chat is: [15:40] UhOh: End of list.

    There are two subscribers though. We’re just starting our implementation.

    Is there no one listed because We’re the owner and an Administrator?

  10. Hi Gavin:

    Not sure whether you mean “Show List” or “Send Item(s)”, since there is no “Send List” button. Normally “End of list” will be chatted after completion of the “Show List” function. If “Master Stat” indicates there are two subscribers in the kiosk, they should be listed before “End of list.” The only reason I can think of that you would see “End of list.” without seeing any subscribers listed, is if you have set a filter and neither subscriber meets the filter criteria. Select “Filter” then “Clear”, then try again.

  11. Tried that. Still only says “End of List” without actually listing any subscribers.

  12. Send me an in-world IM when you are online and a landmark where I can see your kiosk.

  13. Gavin. If you are an admin but not the kiosk owner, you need to rez or wear the Subscriber Listener Device (included in the original delivery box) in order to see the output from the Show List command. The kiosk owner does not need the listener device.

  14. I want a tool to track my subscriptions. I am a subscriber, not a store owner, and I can’t look at what I’ve subscribed to. I want to unsubscribe easily from the stores that I am bored of, not looking for them in the world when they often move or are removed.

  15. Hi Motoko. Thanks for you comment. That would indeed be a nice feature for subscribers. Unfortunately it is not possible. Subscriber lists are stored in individual master kiosks owned by many different owners. Due to the SL permission system, I do not have access to each owner’s database. Only the kiosk owner can access their data. Nor is there a central, off-world website database that can crash or be shut down (e.g. the recent Hippo Vend problem), leaving owners with a non-functional system. Additionally there are several different subscriber systems sold by several different creators. In most cases when you receive something from a kiosk that you no longer want to receive, politely IM the kiosk owner and ask to be removed. Most owners will comply promptly. You don’t have to try to find the kiosk to unsubscribe. If that fails, you can always select “block” the kiosk in the delivery popup to prevent future deliveries.

  16. I own the “NDS Remote SLU Mag with MP”. I would like to add the ability for people to click on the kiosk and get a inworld copy. Can you tell me how?

  17. Hi Core:

    On the TouchPoint line of the !NDS Server Config notecard, replace “Name of your Magazine” with the actual name of your magazine object (without quotes). Put that magazine object in the Server Contents.
    NOTE: if the name of the magazine changes with each edition, be sure to use the current edition name in the TouchPoint line.
    CAUTION: Be careful NOT to change any other part of the TouchPoint line when updating the magazine object name.

    When someone touches the dispaly panel on the front of the NDS Remote, they will receive a copy of the magazine.

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