Video Tutorials – Subscriber Kiosk

For those who are new to Subscriber Kiosk or have not yet purchased one, the videos below are a quick and painless way to learn about all of the features and benefits Subscriber Kiosk provides without having to read the long, boring manual (I know how much you hate to read manuals – LOL).  For those who have been using my kiosks for years (thank you), you may also find these videos interesting and informative. You may even see some features you didn’t know existed or learn a few new tricks. The material is current as of Release 8 so if you haven’t updated your kiosk scripts lately, you may want to do so to take advantage of the latest features and bug fixes.  Select Update > Check/Get on your kiosk menu.

I recommend you view in full screen mode and the highest HD quality setting.  Feel free to “Like” and/or comment on them.

Best Regards,
Fred Allandale
Night Sky Creations

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 1 Master Setup

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 2 Remote Setup

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 3 Making Backups

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 4 Sending Things

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 5 Gift and Info Items

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 6 Master Menu

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 7 Remote Menu

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 8 Config Notecard for Master

Subscriber Kiosk Tutorial 9 Config Notecard for Remote

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