What is Subscriber Kiosk?

Subscriber Kiosk is a virtual product for use in Second Life. It collects and stores a list of subscribers who want to receive periodic information from you, e.g. newsletters, special sales notices, new product announcements, event notifications, etc. It also enables you to send an IM and/or inventory items placed in the kiosk (e.g. notecards, gifts, demo items, product updates, etc.) to the full list of subscribers (or filtered subset) with a single button push.

Now it is no longer necessary to force your customers to join yet another chatter-prone group just to receive announcements, gifts, updates, IMs, or other items from you. Because of the 25 group limit, many potential customers won’t join your group because they would have to leave some other group to do so, or just don’t want to deal with the potential group IM spam. Subscriber Kiosk solves this problem by operating outside of the Second Life group system.

There are two types of kiosks – Masters and Remotes. A Master Kiosk stores the list of subscribers and is typically located in your main store or organization HQ. It can be used alone or in combination with Remote Kiosks. Multiple Remote Kiosks can be associated with a Master Kiosk and located in either the same or different regions from the master. Customers subscribing from Remote Kiosks will be automatically entered into the associated Master Kiosk subscriber list. Both types of kiosks are modifiable and copyable, so you can create as many of each as you need.

Kiosk Styles 140419

Setup and operation is simple. Place your own advertising texture on the Kiosks and you’re ready to start collecting subscribers. That’s it!

Owner/Operator Functions (Master Kiosk):

  • Loading and sending IM’s and/or other items (e.g. notecards, objects, etc.) to the full list of subscribers (or a filtered sublist).
  • Loading optional info cards that are given to potential subscribers when they touch the kiosk.
  • Loading gift items that are automatically given to new subscribers.
  • Loading sound files that play when someone subscribes or unsubscribes.
  • Showing the list of subscribers.
  • Backing up and/or restoring subscriber lists to/from notecards (or your own PC).
  • Editing the subscriber list.
  • Creating new subscriber lists or consolidating multiple lists.
  • Obtaining Master and Remote Kiosk status information.
  • Specifying a list of authorized administrators who can also operate and maintain the kiosk (Standard and Pro versions only).
  • Specifying online/offline textures to be applied automatically to the Master and Remote Kiosks.
  • Many more options can be selected by editing the Subscriber Config notecard.

Key Features:

  • One time purchase. NO MONTHLY FEES.
  • Free updates for life. Six update releases issued since 2008 with lots of new features.
  • Solid history of reliable performance with over 1000 systems sold.
  • Four subscriber capacity options: Lite (1000), Basic (2400), Standard (4800), and Pro (10,000)
  • Create as many copies and/or variants as you need.
  • Avoid making your customers join yet another spam-prone group.
  • Put you in full control of your subscriber lists and info/item distribution.
  • Simple, two-button customer operation (Subscribe and Unsubscribe).
  • One-button operation to send IM or other items (notecards, objects, etc.) to full or filtered list of subscribers.
  • Records location (region), kiosk name, and date as well as subscriber information.
  • Owner can easily add or remove subscribers by name (individually or in a batch from notecard).
  • List can be filtered for viewing or sending items by date, kiosk name or location.
  • Copy and Mod (no transfer) permissions allow owner to customize kiosk look.
  • Free extra kiosk designs available at our store – Night Sky.
  • Low Master Kiosk prim count (8 as delivered, minimum of 3).
  • Five styles of Remote Kiosks including several one-prim designs.
  • Secure. All subscriber info stored within Kiosk. Only you can access your data.
  • Totally in-world solution. Does not depend on an external web site that may or may not be there in the future.
  • Subscriber lists can be backed up to and/or restored or created from a notecard and/or saved to owner’s local computer.
  • Automatically filters and rejects duplicate subscriber entries.
  • Dispenses optional info notecards and/or gifts to subscribers.
  • Owner can designate one or more administrators to operate and maintain kiosk (Standard and Pro versions).
  • Owner can enable/disable limited operation of kiosk by group members (Standard and Pro versions).
  • Can optionally play default or owner provided sound files when someone subscribes or unsubscribes.

For complete details and latest features, download the full Instruction Manual.

Optional Accessories:

  • SISBox.  Enables your subscribers to check for and pick up previously sent items they may have missed.
  • API Kit. Provides access to a command interface that allows your own scripted objects to interact with the kiosk.
  • Remote TC Kiosk. A Remote Kiosk you can associate with your Master Kiosk then sell or give away to others.
  • Purge Device. Provides a way to identify inactive avatars and remove them from your kiosk.
  • Archive Controller. Enables connecting multiple Master Kiosks to create a virtual subscriber list with essentially unlimited capacity.

Subscriber Kiosk Affiliate Vendor Kit:

  • Allows you to sell my Subscriber Kiosk products and receive a 20% commission on each sale.
  • Easy setup.  Just rez the 1-prim vendors and start collecting commissions.
  • Click here for more information.

Free Demo Master Kiosk:

  • If you want to try before you buy with no risk, pick up a copy of the free Demo Master Kiosk.  It functions exactly like the purchased kiosks except it is limited to 100 subscribers.  When you decide to buy a kiosk, you can easily transfer any subscribers you have collected from your Demo Master Kiosk.

Where to Get It:

  • All Subscriber Kiosk products can be purchased or upgraded at Night Sky.  Combo Packages and accessories can also be purchased at SL Marketplace.

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